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We’re working with communities in Islington, illustrators and researchers to uncover and share the stories of New River Head, our future home in Clerkenwell.

Illustration of a row of buildings behind a gate with a carpark in front

Our Clerkenwell, Now and Then

A map of history and memories by members of The Peel Institute with Siôn Ap Tomos
Illustration of industrial interior with people working wearing clothes from different eras

Lost Springs, Coming Spring

Documentary drawing from New River Head by Sharpay Chenyuè Yuán
Portrait of a bearded man wearing a ruff that transforms into a seascape on one side with three ships sailing on it to islands in the distance

New River Adventurers

A report on the founders of the New River Company by Angelina Osborne, with illustrations by Cat O’Neil
Photograph of a pole topped by a brass plaque and a wooden carving of a man wearing a mole costume

New River Folk

A fictional museum of working-class water culture by Laura Copsey and Philip Crewe
Abstract print with dark and light contrasting elements made by bubbling liquids and drips

New River Immersions

Prints and film made by the New River

Politics of water

A report on London’s early water infrastructure by Elly Robson