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Illustration of a pink textured background with a heart, smiling face and shape of a baby on top of it.

Using eclectic and playful materials, participants from All Change's Inspire! and Mums the Word family projects community groups dived into the world of animation and video-making to tell stories about their lived experiences. In a series of workshops led by Community Illustrator Lily Ash Sakula and All Change poet Cecilia Knapp, the artworks created were inspired by the challenges and joys of parenthood.

The outcome is Rest, a mixed media animated poem.

Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration and All Change present Rest by Inspire!, Mums the Word and Lily Ash Sakula.

About All Change

Inspire! is a creative project for young parents aged 14-25, run by All Change since 2004.

Mums the Word is a creative social and podcasting project for mums age 25+, run by All Change.

All Change bring artists and communities together to produce original and authentic arts projects and experiences, which develop understanding and make connections between people. Based in Islington, north London since 1985, theirs is a continuing story of connection, collaboration, care and celebration, of ambition and activism, of listening and learning, of change and transformation for individuals and communities.

About Lily Ash Sakula

Lily Ash Sakula is a London based artist, animator and illustrator. They make collaborative animated films that seek to link different generations and communities, creating spaces in which they take their lead from participants’ ideas and processes. They want to create imaginative space for a world without borders, without prisons, without gender.

Lily runs participatory projects with a wide range of communities including: Meet me at the Albany, Camden Arts Centre, Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration, Watts Gallery, Carers Lewisham, John Chilton SEND School, Magic Me, Queer Youth Art Collective, Project Indigo and Ministry of Stories.

Lily is interested in capturing joy and freedom through movement, creating magical spaces in which social norms can be broken, and seek through their work to be an active practitioner of radical hope.

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Main image: Rest (clip). Presented by Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration, All Change, Inspire!, Mums the Word and Lily Ash Sakula.