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Two pairs of hands applying fearn leaves on a sheet of paper with a blue pigment.

Illustrator Jhinuk Sarkar collaborated with Islington Mind’s M2M peer support group to explore themes of motherhood, mental health and wellbeing, connecting personal experiences to water and New River Head, (future site of Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration).

Through mixed media incorporating fabric swatches, mark-making and drawings, the group worked on a collective patchwork reflecting their creative journey and the challenges of motherhood.

You can see the photo gallery here:

Fabric and paper illustrations displayed  hanging on a wall.

A mixed media set of fabric swatches, mark-making and drawings that include planning for a patchwork fabric window banner (work in progress).

All work is co-created by artists from Islington Mind's M2M peer support group as part of the Community Illustrator project with the Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration.

Photograph © Lindsey Glen

Illustration of a person with a child in their arms surrounded by hearts

Week one

As part of our co-developed project with Islington Mind, Illustrator Jhinuk Sarkar joined their M2M peer support group and delved in the theme of motherhood, mental health and wellbeing.

Photograph © Valentina Zunino

A collection of colourful collages laid out on a round table.

Week two

Artwork created in week two of the community workshops.

Photograph © Valentina Zunino

Fabric collage on paper.

Week three

Artwork created in week three of the community workshops.

Photograph © Valentina Zunino

A hand applying paint to paper with some natural twine.

Week four

Participant illustrating in week four of the community workshops.

Photograph © Valentina Zunino

Cyanotype prints with leaf outlines hanging in the sun.

Week five

Artworks created in week five and displayed at the community workshops.

Photograph © Valentina Zunino

Two pairs of hands applying fearn leaves on a sheet of paper with a blue pigment.

Week six

Participants illustrating as part of week six of the community workshops.

Photograph © Valentina Zunino

About Islington Mind

Islington Mind is the leading independent mental health organisation in Islington. They offer services to local residents seeking mental health advice and support.

About Jhinuk Sarkar

Jhinuk Sarkar is a London based illustrator, educator and creative access consultant. She uses sensory experiences as storytelling devices to translate into visual illustrations. Inks, printmaking, text, blurring lines between analogue and digital processes all play an important part in Jhinuk's own image-making techniques. Jhinuk draws from her own experiences of being raised by first generation Indian immigrants from West Bengal, whilst growing up in Leicester, the Midlands.

Jhinuk has worked with a range of creative organisations and universities, alongside communities, museums, galleries and events including: Association of Illustrators, the Foundling Museum, Royal Academy of Arts, Shape Arts, Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration, British Museum, Greater London Authority for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad and London Borough of Culture 2023, Frank Barnes Deaf School, Francis Crick Institute, Turf Projects, Wysing Arts Centre and East Bristol Contemporary Night School. A recent collaboration saw the release of a co-produced podcast called Square Hole, exploring the relationship between Neurodiversity and the Creative Industries.

Jhinuk says her current role as community illustrator for Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration has been a reinforced opportunity to recognise her own value in creative education and illustration. She feels the pilot is already highlighting where both creative play and image-making provide purpose, united strength and give love. She believes you can always learn and pay attention to people around you to be inclusive, to make work accessible, and is one of the many joys of collaboration.

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Main image © Valentina Zunino