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Online Workshop: Make a Memory Comic with Rubyetc

Online workshop for adults
7 June 2023
19:00 – 21:00

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Learn how to create your own comic about a personal memory with illustrator and cartoonist Rubyetc.

There are many ways to draw about our experiences and communicate feelings to an audience. Join illustrator Rubyetc to explore how the comic format can be a brilliant vehicle for exploring our personal experiences in a way that is as silly or serious as you’d like it to be.

With expert advice from Ruby, you will begin with some fun quick fire warm up exercises, followed by exploring different ways to draw yourself and characters in your story.

Using your own memory, personal or daily life experience, Ruby will guide you through using photo prompts, scripting and making thumbnails, to drawing your final comic.

By the end of the session you will have:

  • A finished 4-8 panel comic about a specific memory or experience, drawn in your own style
  • A series of sketches and process drawings
  • Ideas for how you can further your work, if you’d like!

This workshop is suitable for beginners, and no prior experience is needed, however an interest in drawing is recommended.

Four drawings in four squares each on a peach background.  Top left square has a drawing of a person with a cup in their hand with the text 'I start the day with a little espresso cup of smootie'.  Top right square has a drawing of a person with a exaggerated open mouth, next to a round organic shape with the text 'At 11am I get a little peckish so i take a large bite out of THE SUN'. Bottom left square has a drawing of a person sitting eating from a bowl of food in front of a window which is full of people holding cameras with the text 'At 1pm I have my rice bowl whilst a gaggle of news reporters and papparazzi gather outside my house to ask why i took a huge bite out of THE SUN'. Bottom right square has a drawing of a person looking worried, while eating a banana, sitting at a desk with notebooks, pens and a phone on the table with the text 'After lunch I have my 'protected time' where i chew on a banana and think about everything i've ever done.'.
© Ruby Elliot

About Ruby

Ruby is an illustrator and cartoonist based in London. She makes comics and cartoons, often about the sillier side of life along with her own experience of mental health issues which she has been publishing online under the name ‘Rubyetc’ for many years. She also facilitates creative workshops for people of all ages and abilities, encouraging them to let go of inhibitions around drawing and enjoy the art-making process.

What people say about our online events:

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“It was very reasonably priced considering what I learned and took away from the event.”

“inspiring and motivating”

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Painting of a smiling frog in a blue swimsuit, swimming in the water, with their head above the water. Handwritten text sits below the frog on a white background and reads 'I go swimming and imagine I am a frog. Especially the legs, it's how I remember to move them. Diamond kicks through the water.'