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Replay Illustrating Places

Online recorded talk (replay)
Available to stream 12 June – 12 November 2023

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Pay what you can and instantly stream from home our popular online talk, Illustrating Places, where Pickle Illustration, Bryony Benge-Abbott and Jacob V Joyce showcase their site specific work that demonstrates how illustration can be a powerful tool for transforming public spaces.

Guest speakers shared real insight into their inspiration and practical tips for illustrators, designers and creative types looking to take their work from sketchbooks and screens out into the real world.

Our guest speakers were:

Pickle Illustration

Lauren and Liv, formally known as Pickle Illustration, are Birmingham based illustrators and public artists. Creating characterful and colourful outcomes, they create work ranging from painted grasshopper trails to projected window animations. Their aim is to always spread joy through illustration and to push the boundaries of where and what illustration can be.

Two people in overalls, pointing at a utility box on the street that has been painted in bright yellow with orange and white flowers.
Photograph of a large grasshopper sculpture in a park, the grasshopper has been painted in green with a black pattern.

Bryony Benge-Abbott

Bryony Benge-Abbott is an interdisciplinary artist exploring our relationship to nature at the intersection of science and spirituality. Bringing different cosmologies together through painting, public art and wild drawing walks, her work focuses on expanding our sense of belonging and community in light of the ecological and climate crisis.

Photograph of person sitting on a street painting beautiful flowers and leaves all over the ground.
Photograph of a street with beautiful painted flowers. The flowers are white with blue leaves.

Jacob V Joyce

Jacob V Joyce is an artist with a community facing practice that amplifies and nourishes both historical and emerging queer and decolonial narratives. Joyce’s work ranges from afro-futurist world building workshops to mural painting, comic books, performance art and punk music with their band Screaming Toenail.

Photograph of a people playing ball games in a park with a mural on the wall in the background. There are tall buildings in the background.
Photograph of the side of a tall brick building, surrounded by other buildings, with a painted mural of a small child sitting cross-legged drawing flowers on sheets of paper, with some of them featured around here. The background is a green scene.

What people said about this talk

“I really liked how well organised the event was, how long each speaker had to share their work, and the Q&A session at the end where all three speakers got to give their opinions”

"Brilliant selection of speakers that are current and relevant. Very well organised with supporting info before event."

"My impression is that the speakers have been really well briefed - the presentations are all relevant and full of useful gems."

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