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Pink satin fabric embroidered with rabbits dressed in elaborate ceremonial clothes, surrounded by characters from an invented script

YiMiao Shih: Rabbrexit Means Rabbrexit

29 March – 14 July 2019
Exhibited at the House of Illustration

An embroidered satire on Brexit by our 2019 Illustrator in Residence.

Over a six-month residency at House of Illustration, YiMiao Shih wove a parallel universe in which the UK has voted not for Brexit but 'Rabbrexit': the expulsion of rabbits from the country.

For Rabbrexit Means Rabbrexit, Shih created a series of ‘relics’ from the UK’s imaginary rabbit population, including large-scale embroidered epics, newly minted 52p and 48p coins and aeroplane landing cards for rabbits stripped of their British citizenship.

These satirical pieces draw together Shih’s real-world observations of the nationalistic fervor, economic uncertainty and fragmentation of societal bonds brought about by Brexit.

Selected reviews and articles

A glorious and much-need laugh in the gathering dark...

Brian Sibley

Engraved 48p coins commemorating Rabbrexit, displayed upon fluffy teal fabric

48p coin, engraving on fossilised rabbit bone.

An embroidered comic of a rabbit enacting aeroplane safety protocol

Detail from rabbit exportation artefact.

Detail of an embroidered yellow tapestry

Detail of the Epic of The Last Battle of Rabbrexit, embroidery.

Display of an ornamental tea set arranged on a ha nd paianted table cloth hand

Rabbrexiteer social club display, ornamental tablecloth and tea set.

All artworks © collection of YiMiao Shih
All photographs © Justin Piperger

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