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Two school pupils drawing with stick and ink

We bring illustrators to your classroom to teach subjects across the curriculum in fun, fresh and creative ways. Our sessions are tailored to your topic and support students’ confidence, creativity, communication, fine motor skills and wellbeing.

Our workshops are delivered in your classroom by professional illustrator-educators. They have been rated good or excellent by 100% of teachers for over a decade.

Our workshops are:

  • for all Primary stages from EYFS to KS2 and Secondary classes from KS3 to KS5
  • for all abilities including SEND and EAL
  • tailored to your topic, text, curriculum area or scheme of work

During workshops your students will:

  • use a range of techniques with specialist materials that we provide
  • be supported to make images their own way and reflect on the creative choices they make
  • be inspired by professional illustrators, and shown how to find out more about illustration
  • create outstanding outcomes that can be shared with your school community
Photograph of 3D paper houses with ink patterns drawn on them

Workshop options

Character Design

Create characters from text descriptions – just let us know the book you’re studying, or invent exciting new characters from imagination. Recent workshop topics have included Varjak Paw by S. F. Said, Egyptian gods and the Arctic. Great for humanities and English/literacy, or for your Art or Book Week.

Sequential Illustration

Illustrate scientific processes or a series of events. Create and tell a visual story or create a visual version of an existing text. Recent workshop topics have included plant life cycles and anti-racism heroes. Great for science, humanities and English/literacy.

Creating Mood and Atmosphere

Explore techniques to convey feeling and setting. Recent workshops have included C. S. Lewis stories and South American forests. Great for humanities and English/literacy.

Illustration of red flower head with the parts labelled

What Teachers Say

“The illustrator was clear, methodological and always in control – the whole experience was brilliant.” Year 6 teacher, Garfield Primary School

“The children were really engaged – they loved every part of the workshop. They created amazing posters and got the opportunity to use the knowledge they built up in class.” Year 3 teacher, Moreland Primary School

“The session was broken into sensible and manageable chunks, achieving the end result in half a day. There were clear instructions and students learnt fantastic new skills.” Year 5 teacher, St Andrews Primary School

Collage of a person wearing a crown and cape

Our facilitators

Our recent school workshops have been facilitated by Lily Ash Sakula, Grace Holliday, Jhinuk Sarkar, Julie Vermeille and Toya Walker.

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