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Minimalist black and white ink illustration of refugees on a boat

Journeys Drawn

9 November 2018 – 24 March 2019
Exhibited at the House of Illustration

An exhibition telling refugee stories, both observed and experienced first-hand.

This was the first UK exhibition exploring the refugee crisis through illustration. It spotlighted 40 multi-media works by 12 contemporary artists, two of whom are themselves refugees.

The exhibition also included war zone reportage by George Butler from Syria, Olivier Kugler’s digital portraits of refugees arriving on the Greek Island of Kos and Kate Evans’ graphic novel that recounts her experience of volunteering in the Calais Jungle.

Illustrators: Ghaith Abdul-Ahad Majid Adin | Asia Alfasi | George Butler | Nick Ellwood | Kate Evans | David Foldvari | Karrie Fransman | Olivier Kugler | Toby Morison | Mahmoud Salameh | Gideon Summerfield

Selected reviews and articles:

"Artists show a different side to an already widely documented subject."

Creative Review

Minimalist black and white ink illustration of refugees on a boat

Boat by David Foldari.

A reportage comic spread depicting the story of a Syrian refugee

Three Syrians in Calais, 2016 by Olivier Kugler.

Comic of a child looking out of a window. Panels surrounding this central image depict the child's memories of refugee camps, boats and trains

Window by Toby Morison.