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Turquoise and yellow background with line drawings of a group of children

A Wish for Little SisterJacqueline AyerPublished by Harcourt, Brace & Company1960

Jacqueline Ayer (1930–2012) had a career that spanned many creative fields. She began as a fashion illustrator, and later turned her hand to children’s books, textiles and garments, as she worked in New York, Paris, London, Bangkok, Hong Kong and across India.

In 1957, Ayer began working for designer Jim Thompson at his company Thai Silk. This experience fed into her book, A Wish for Little Sister, a story about a little girl from a weaving family who receives a birthday wish from a mynah bird.

‘Jim invited me to sketch from the back steps of his new house… A busy canal oozed by at the foot of the steps, and about fifteen feet across the water traffic, was a weaving village. It was noisily busy with the varied occupations of spinning, dyeing and weaving, laid out, it seemed, for me.’

- Bet Ayer