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Designed in Cuba Cold War Graphics

An unprecedented exhibition of original Cuban propaganda posters and magazines.

Much of Cuba’s iconic graphic design is instantly recognizable the world over. But alongside the familiar image of Che Guevara, Cuban artists have produced uncompromising design and illustration to deliver Cuba’s revolutionary message around the world. These works have rarely been seen – until now.

“Remarkable... Psychedelic, astonishing, five stars. ★★★★★” Time Out
“A fascinating visual snapshot of Cuba’s communist history.” Creative Review
“Brilliantly designed and hard-hitting... Fantastic exhibition, a must see. ★★★★★” Londonist

Designed in Cuba: Cold War Graphics is the first major exhibition of graphic design from Cuba’s ‘golden age’. It brings together 100 posters and 70 magazines distributed across the globe by OSPAAAL: Fidel Castro’s Organisation of Solidarity of the People of Asia, Africa and Latin America, an organisation founded to promote cooperation between socialist countries and liberation movements.