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Eight collaged cards in different colours featuring characters

Creative prompt cards


Art & Design, English, PSHE

The sight of a blank page at the beginning of a project can be daunting, but our creative prompt cards support students to develop fresh ideas and build their confidence.

Collage of two characters one with a speech bubble saying ‘think about some changes you’d like to make in the world’
One character asking another 'how are you today?'

With step-by-step instructions, this activity encourages your class to respond creatively to a series of questions. They can then use their responses to make something new – a poster, short story, campaign, or anything!

Teacher instructions(24.8 MB)A3 template for print(9.6 MB)A4 template for print(4.1 MB)A4 template for print(4.7 MB)
Collage of character with speech bubble saying ‘what helps you feel calm?’
Collage character with speech bubble saying 'think of a place that is special to you'
These resources were designed and created with illustrator Nick White, in collaboration with ELCAF.