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Last December, our founder Quentin Blake turned 90. To celebrate, we invited 90 illustrators to draw a candle inspired by the original meaning of the word “illustration' – "to light up, make light and illuminate”.

Scroll to view the candles and click the images to find out more about the illustrators.

Illustration of a procession of characters including a shooting star, a witch, a tree and an owl
Illustration of a child looking up at an owl in a tree, silhouetted by the moon
Illustration of a person drawing a bird by candle light, watched by little animals
Illustration of a candle surrounded by shapes including flowers, a crown and a moon
Illustration of a bee lighting a candle in a vase surrounded by crocuses
Illustration of a person in a red dressing down holding a candle stick with the letters 'QB' and a shadowy figure behind
Illustration of a table top with a vase of flowers, a glass of wine and a frog
Illustration of the Gruffalo with a red candle on his head
Illustration of a candle and two ducks in a boat on wheels
Illustration of a candle singing on top of a birthday cake
Illustration of a candle illuminating darkness
Illustration of mice dancing around a candle
Illustration of a dog looking at a birthday cake
Illustration of a blue dragon with a candle
Woodcut illustration of a tall column with a candle wick on top
Illustration of an elephant holding a candle in its trunk
Illustration of a dragon breathing fire to light a candle
Collaged illustration of a candle
Illustration of a sparkler candle setting off fireworks
Illustration of three monkeys climbing up a candle
Illustration of a group of people holding an illuminated candle wick aloft
Illustration of a candle with a starburst shape above
Photographic image of two overlayed scenes of someone screwing a bulb into a lampholder and an interior scene
Illustration of a character journeying through an underground cave to get to a party
Illustration of a flame character, in front of a row of houses
Illustration of a character wearing a large birthday cake as a hat
Collaged and painted illustration of a candle
Illustration of three witches dancing around a bonfire holding candles, coloured in blue and orange
Collaged illustration of a person jumping over a candle
Illustration of two people in a boat in the moonlight framed by trees in a candle shape
Illustration of a castle surrounded by characters from Alice in Wonderland, with Quentin Blake at the top holding a match
Illustration of a pencil with a flaming end, like a candle
Illustration of characters climbing a stripy candle
Illustration of a candlestick holding a lit candle with hand-written Bengali type
Illustration of a face looking at a candle from the shadows
Illustration of a birthday candle with a face in the flame
Woodcut illustration of a candle on a windowsill
Illustration of a boxed candle, labelled 'The Dark Town everlasting candle'
Illustration of a person holding a candle on a red background
Illustration of a blue candle with a gold flame
Illustration of a candle made from layers of burned paper and wax
Illustration of a person holding up a candle against an orange background with a decorative border
Illustration of a person writing or drawing by candlelight
Illustration of a child holding a candle with a finger raised in shushing gesture
Illustration of a person in a pink top holding a candle against a spotted green background
Illustration of a pink and blue striped candle with a starburst flame
Illustration of a candle in a red cave with the words 'Make Light'
Illustration of an ornate candlestick against a green background
Illustration of a person in a boat looking onto a house in the distance under the moonlight
Illustration of white characters arranged in a pyramid shape against a white background
Illustration of a mother and child reading a book by candlelight
Pencil illustration with the letters of the word 'candle' arranged as coloured blocks
Illustration of a group of children, one at the top of a staircase holding up a candle, another painting a birthday cake
Illustration of a close up candle flame
Collaged illustration of a lit candle with a lightbulb above
An illustration of a blue candle overlaid with the words: I cannot hold a candle to the laughing lines you drew, instead I'll write this line for you scribble a wick of words and wait Quentin will illuminate
Illustration of a person wearing a flame-like hat, surrounded by lit matches
Illustration of people looking up at a cityscape with a giant illuminated candle behind
Illustration of three mice pushing a birthday cake towards a sleeping cat
A portrait of Quentin Blake, made up of balloons and fireworks
Illustration of a hand holding a pencil, lit at one end like a candle
Illustration of a yellow candle with concentric purple circles behind, made from cut paper
Two people in a hot air balloon powered by a candle, looking down on London
Illustration of a person surrounded by flora, with a yellow spark in front of them
Photograph of a candle shape made from 3D objects, including a stack of Cheerios
Illustration of a group of people decorating a giant candle, using a scaffold made from art materials
Illustration of a mouse carrying a candle and riding a woolly mammoth
Illustration of blue birds looking at a candle set into a tree trunk
Illustration of a chandelier rendered in white lines against a blue background
Illustration of four scenes with the text: How to keep the light going. Encourage it to burn bright! Shield it when it fades. Pass it on, oh so gently. Dance! Dance! Dance! In time with the flickering flame
Illustration of a candle with roots beneath
Illustration of a headwith a view into the mind that shows a burning flame
Collaged illustration of anthropomorphised candles with the word: Quentin
Illustration of a green dragon breathing fire against a pink background
Illustration of people dancing around a candle on top of a birthday cake
Illustration of a twisting green candle
Illustration of a candle with hearts radiating out from its flame
Illustration of a tiny candle with a giant colourful flame
Illustration of a candle-shaped house with people visible in the windows
Illustration of a person with a candle on their head with the words: You LIGHT UP my life
Illustration of a lit candle against a dark background in a holder with a smiley face
Illustration of a candle in an ornamental holder, surrounded by bright colours and foliage
Illustration of a person reading by candlelight in a dark tower at night
Illustration of an iced cupcake with a lit candle in it
Illustration of rabbits in vestments watching a candle be illuminated
Illustration of an illuminated candle surrounded by moths