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An expressive painting featuring two figures set against a dark background

100 Figures

5 October 2018 – 27 January 2019
Exhibited at the House of Illustration

An unprecedented insight into Quentin Blake's private practice as a figurative artist.

Portrayal of the body and gesture is the foundation of Quentin Blake's genius as an illustrator. His lifelong, private practice as a figurative artist has run alongside his world-famous work but has, until now, remained hidden.

This exhibition featured large-scale pieces created between 1950-2000, never seen before. The remarkable body of work revealed Blake's experimentation with materials, a more sculptural treatment of form and sensuous use of broad strokes.

The exhibition was accompanied by a book published by Tate in association with House of Illustration.

Selected reviews and articles

"It shows a superb side to Blake that we had no idea existed."


Visitors at the exhibition

Display view of 100 Figures: The Unseen Art of Quentin Blake at House of Illustration.

Bold painting of three abstract figures

Oil paint on canvas, no date.

Pastel drawing of a reclining figure

West pastel on paper, 1964.

Three nude figures rendered in pale yellow

Watercolour and pastel on paper, 1990s.

All artworks © Quentin Blake
All photographs © Paul Grover

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