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Expressive drawing of a city scene

Illustrator in Residence: Peony Gent

Experimental comics and found poetry from House of Illustration’s sixth annual residency.

Peony Gent makes comics like you’ve never seen before: delicately drawn meditations on memory and gentle examinations of things usually ignored. Over a six month residency at House of Illustration, Gent created an archive of overlooked things and thoughts in the King’s Cross area, transforming them into reflective illustrations, found poetry and installations.

Since her residency coincided with the pandemic, her final work was displayed in Granary Square as an outdoor exhibition for the public to view for free.

Praise for Peony Gent:

"Gent is a prolific storyteller..."


"Peony Gent is not simply an artist pushing the form in intriguing and experimental ways but one who is genuinely taking comics into entirely new territory."

Broken Frontier

Peony Gent's comic on display in a public hoarding

Display view in Granary Square, King's Cross.

Peony's comic on display in public amidst lush greenery

Artwork display view in Granary Square, King's Cross.

Illustration of a market stall

Northdown Street, 2020.

Detail of an atmospheric comic

Crofters Way, 2020.

All artworks © Peony Gent
All photographs © Brendan Bell

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