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On 24 November 2023, we launched the very first National Illustration Day, a chance for everyone in the UK to celebrate the pictures that are part of our lives and the brilliant people who make them.

People shared illustrations across the UK and beyond using the #NationalIllustrationDay!

Online gallery

Why National Illustration Day?

Illustration is everywhere – in picturebooks and packaging, on posters and road signs, and embedded in videogames and apps. It’s a huge part of our lives, but we don’t always realise it. We wanted to take a day to celebrate illustration and illustrators.

How can I get involved?

On 24 November we asked as many people as possible to share a useful, inspiring or much-loved illustration on Instagram, Facebook or X, tagging us @qbcentre and using #NationalIllustrationDay.

National Illustration Day 2023 logo

Illustrator Lena Yokoyama designed the National Illustration Day 2023 logo to celebrate illustration and illustrators, people could download GIFs and social-ready images to make their posts pop!


People shared illustrations from stamps, to picturebook, the National Illustration Day logo, they even designed their own, schools shared a display of illustrations made by pupils. #NationalIllustrationDay trended with many different illustrations.


Our resources and free CPD session for educators will give you all the tools you need to bring illustration to your classroom, wherever it may be.

Online gallery

You've been sending in your illustrations and we're adding them to our online gallery. With more to come!

Read more about National Illustration Day 2023 from our Director Lindsey Glen.

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